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Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Consideration for Environmentally Friendly Living-- Tips for Traveling Green

-by Cliff Barre

Implementing different strategies and practices in regards to eating, using products, and living are all fairly simple ways to adopt and adapt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. However, when it comes to other aspects of living such as traveling, the options may not seem so straightforward. Nonetheless, taking a few simple travel tips as well as eco-friendly travelling locations into  consideration can simplify this aspect of healthy living too.

Before You Leave

One of the initial considerations you can make regarding green travel includes your preparation for travel. Implementing some savvy living and planning techniques will help you make the most of your eco friendly travel endeavors. To avoid an excess of paper waste involved with your travel, cut down on paper consumption by utilizing ebooking. Most hotels, lodges, and travel sites facilitate online booking that requires no paper consumption. Plus, even flights offer electronic servicing and ticketing to eliminate waste. Using an e-ticket also makes travel less stressful at check-in.

To add to your green considerations in planning your trip, be sure to “vacationize” your home prior to leaving. Turning off the water connection as well as adjusting appliances including the icemaker and water heater are safe ways to reduce use while you are gone.

While on Vacation

Two travel favorites for any family or individual include experiencing the culture and taking in the sights. While typical vacationing practices are not necessarily green, being conscientious of choices revolving around eating and touring helps transform an otherwise environmentally hazardous situation. When eating and shopping at a new location, consider the concept of “Think global, buy local.” Making local choices for dining options as well as shopping venues supports the local community and cuts down on the global footprint. Many areas have locally owned and sourced restaurants that offer a great taste of the local cuisine.

Likewise, if you are looking to tour some of the local area attractions, consider greener options such as hiking, biking, or walking. Some areas even feature tours that are managed by environmentally friendly companies that consider the carbon footprint of different venues and even offer community giveback programs.

Green Destinations

Visiting an environmentally friendly travel locale is also a great way to make the trip a little greener. Upstate New York is a particularly interesting location. This travel destination offers a variety of green attractions such as The Finger Lakes that are known for their calm, clean waters; locally owned wineries; and Destiny USA, the world’s largest “green” shopping mall.

If Upstate New York is not quite your style, consider visiting Vermont, another exceptionally green locale. Known for its beautiful scenery and comfortable atmosphere, Vermont offers a relaxing escape from any busy lifestyle. In addition, Vermont features the renowned Ben and Jerry Ice Cream Factory as well as many other fun and friendly attractions.

Whether you’ve been living an ecofriendly lifestyle for years or are just making the shift toward green living, choosing green travel options is a necessary addition to your considerations and will only make the time more enjoyable.

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